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The difference from exam gloves and surgical gloves in global medical market

Disposable gloves are used for cleaner performer and it is best barrier protection. Medical gloves are used when dealing with bacterial culture or worn during surgeries. These gloves are made of various kinds of polymers including latex, nitrile rubber, vinyl and neoprene.Powdered gloves would impede healing especially during surgeries. So hence non-powdered gloves were preferred during surgeries. Surgical gloves are usually made to a higher standard and have more precise sizing, better precision and sensitivity.
Disposable gloves are use for safety and food industry.In medical the disposable gloves are used for risk management against germ spreading in atmosphere and spreading from patient to another people. The non-medical gloves are used food service, clean room and industrial gloves.
Natural rubber gloves are ontains Nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves, Neoprene gloves, Polyethylene gloves and used for Examination,Surgical,Non-medical, Food Service, Clean Room,Industrial. These country contains North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific are widely use the products.

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