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Disposable Medical Consumables of Dental bib

Dental bib products are made of 2 layers of pure wood pulp and a layer of PE film compound, the surface is embossed. Each piece folded separately. Pure wood pulp has a strong water absorption, PE

film can effectively prevent water leakage. Products are widely used in dentistry, when dental patients in the examination of oral cavity, put this mat in front of the chest, you can avoid the

blood, Saliva and so on to the clothes to cause pollution.

Applicable objects: oral patients, daily household and so on

Pattern: Dental Cushion pattern

Features: easy to use, one side has a good water absorption, the other side of the anti-leakage, dental paper is the ideal choice for dental paper.

Uses: dental, gastroscope treatment, children, the elderly, the patient dining, the desk when using the meal.

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