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disposable underpads for bed

Disposable underpads, also known as bed pads or chux, are absorbent pads used to protect beds, mattresses, and chairs from accidental spills, leaks, or incontinence. They offer a convenient and hygienic solution for managing these situations. Here's some information about disposable underpads for bed:
1. Absorbency: Disposable underpads are designed to quickly absorb fluids, such as urine or other bodily fluids, and lock them away to keep the surface dry. They typically consist of multiple layers, including a moisture-absorbing core and a waterproof backing to prevent leakage.
2. Size and Shape: Disposable underpads come in various sizes to fit different bed dimensions and needs. Common sizes include 23x24 inches, 30x36 inches, and larger sizes for hospital beds. Some underpads are rectangular, while others have a contoured shape to better fit the bed or chair.
3. Disposable and Convenient: As the name suggests, these underpads are intended for single use and should be disposed of after each use. This eliminates the need for washing and maintaining reusable pads, saving time and effort. Disposable underpads are often individually packaged for easy storage and transportation.
4. Soft and Comfortable: Disposable underpads are usually made of a soft, non-woven top layer that is gentle on the skin. This provides a comfortable and discreet experience for the user.
5. Versatility: Disposable underpads are not only used on beds but can also be placed on chairs, wheelchairs, or any other surface that requires protection from moisture and leaks.
6. Medical and Home Use: Disposable underpads are commonly used in healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics, to manage incontinence or as an added layer of protection during medical procedures. They are also widely used in home care settings for individuals with mobility or incontinence issues.

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